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to Menstrual Cramps

Livia provides instant, drug-free relief from menstrual cramps

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Wear Livia Device

My Livia device is designed to clip comfortably onto your waistband or be placed discreetly in your pocket. Once the Livia unit has been placed, attach the electrode gel pads to your body.

Turn it ON

To turn it on, press the main button in Livia period pain relief machine. You will feel a slight vibration (its not painful) and you will be immediately relieved. Use the +- buttons to adjust the micro-pulses to your preferred intensity

Feel the relief

That's it! Enjoy stylish, safe, comfortable, and discreet relief that moves with you. With My Livia period pain relief device, you can get on with your day, as regular - pain-free.

Why choose Livia

100% Natural

Livia’s state-of-the-art technology uses unique micro-pulses to stimulate nerves and block painful cramps to receive relief from your period pain. No side effects, chemicals, or tolerance build-up!

Enjoy fast relief

Livia begins providing relief within seconds of turning it on. the device cause no discomfort, you will only feel a slight vibration.
Start your day without pain— soft, safe, and discreet relief for an active lifestyle.

Scientifically proven

In clinical trials, Livia’s technology has been proven to deliver safe, fast and effective relief of pain caused by menstruation. Soft electrical impulses distract the nervous system and do not allow it to receive pain signals.

Livia in the press

"This Tiny Machine Promises to Shock Away Your Period Cramps"

"I would definitely use this again!"

"This is the best wearable I have ever tried. Period."

Women’s Health FemTech AWARD

From our customers


I do whatever I can to reduce the number of prescription pain killers I take. I struggle with multiple chronic pain conditions & this little e-stem is always in my purse in case of a flare up.

Rachel G.
Liverpool, UK

I have endometriosis and this has been so helpful managing the pain! I’ve tried to many different options and I got tired of all the pills. Livia helped so much.

Bristol, UK

Livia completely changed the way I function during my period. Before I found Livia, my cramps kept me in bed. Now, I am able to be on the go even on my worse period day. Livia is so easy to use and works instantly!

London, UK

I'm super pleased with how this device works and I think it's super useful and it really makes life easier altogether. I used to take 6 painkillers a day and now I only take 1, max 2, which my liver is thankful for! :)

Leeds, UK

Since having my son my period has been excruciating. I have had to miss work due to cramps so violent they make me extremely nauseous. No medication was working to help with the pain. Livia has made a massive difference! It relieves pretty much all of my pain and I am able to get through my days!

Amanda K.
Nottingham, UK

Love this product!! Haven’t had any problems and it does help!!

London, UK

Loved by women, backed by science


“Livia stimulates the nerves, making it impossible for pain to pass. The method Livia uses has been proven effective in several clinical studies and I strongly recommend the use of the device to relieve PMS at any time“

Director of maternity ward Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center

Livia Period Pain Relief Device - Live Life to the Fullest

How Does Livia Work?

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