What are PCOS pains and how to deal with them?

PCOS Awareness Month will take place from 1 to 30 September. During this time, there will be a number of activities at the federal level aimed at helping women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome. We are delighted to be part of this event and our main objective is PCOS period pain relief.

What is polycystic ovary syndrome: essence and manifestations

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a clinical syndrome characterised by moderate obesity, irregular menstruation or amenorrhoea and signs of androgen excess (e.g. hirsutism, acne). Most patients have multiple ovarian cysts. The diagnosis is made on the basis of pregnancy test results, measurement of hormone levels and imaging studies to rule out a virilising tumour. Treatment is symptomatic.

Symptoms and signs of PCOS

What does PCOS pain feel like? – is one of the most common questions asked by women affected by the syndrome. The pain of PCOS is similar to that of menstrual pain, but it feels much sharper and greater. If you experience intolerable pain during your period, you should see your doctor, as this is the first sign of polycystic ovary syndrome. Pain when ovulating PCOS is also one of the syndromes of the disease.

Among the equally common symptoms of PCOS are the following:

 Wounded axillary hairiness;

  • Body odour
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Slight obesity
  • Headaches, depression

PCOS period pain relief

Why PCOS awareness is important

PCOS awareness is necessary in today's world, as the disease often does not show itself in its initial stages. But this is when it is easiest to deal with, which can help avoid a number of unpleasant symptoms and consequences.

PCOS period pain relief using Livia

How to help PCOS period pain? There are now a large number of medications that aim in some way to reduce PCOS period pain. But not every one of them has a sufficient level of efficacy. In addition, some drugs contain elements that lead to negative side effects: nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhoea and so on.

Modern technology has made it possible to develop the Livia device. Its main purpose is to provide instant period pain relief. The device is based on TENS technology, which sends electrical impulses into the nerve endings, which can affect pain and greatly reduce it. 

FAQ: answers to questions about the PCOS and Livia

Is PCOS a chronic illness?

Yes, PCOS is a chronic illness, which makes it very uncomfortable for people who have undergone it. One of the symptoms of PCOS is incredible pain during menstruation and ovulation, which can be relieved by using Livia device.

How do I detect PCOS?

The disease can only be detected by seeing a doctor and taking the appropriate tests. The earlier a woman discovers the condition, the easier the symptoms will be tolerated. We therefore advise you to visit your gynecologists' regularly, even if you feel well.

Is it possible to treat PCOS?

It is impossible to cure PCOS completely as the disease is chronic. However, thanks to modern technology and medication, it is possible to get rid of most of the complications of the disease and to reduce its negative effects.

Is it safe to use Livia to get rid of period pain?

Livia device has been tested by the FDA and CE, and it has been concluded that it is safe to use. There is no risk of electrocution or other negative effects.

Is Livia comfortable to use with daily activity?

Our experts have specifically designed Livia with not only a high level of performance in mind, but also the ability to use it for everyday activities. So it's more than comfortable to use and the ability to wear it under your clothes will help hide it from prying eyes.