Do you lose weight after your period?

Minor weight changes are typical for everyone. An indulgent Christmas feast most likely makes you gain a little. Exclude sugar and salt for a week, and you’ll notice how the weight goes down. But do you lose weight when on your period? That’s the question that torments the minds of women every month.

There are certain beliefs about increased metabolism during the bleeding part of the cycle: allegedly, the body requires too much energy to deal with uterus shedding. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A 2003 study found that the most energy-intensive portion of the cycle comes immediately after the crimson tide (days 8-28). So, yes, you do burn a little bit more during this time.

But that doesn’t justify weight loss during period. There’s more to reveal!

How menstrual cycle affects weight

Have you already gotten your hopes high after reading about these extra calories that your body burns? Sorry to break the bad news but this amount ranges from 100 to 300 calories, which equals to about 10 crisps or 1 Dairy Milk Bar.

These changes in metabolism aren’t that enormous and cannot fully contribute to losing a pound or two. There are other reasons why we may suddenly feel “lighter” when on period.
In most cases, weight loss during period is the aftermath of the following 3 factors:

Fluid retention

Remember annoying bloating and swollen limbs that appear a couple of days before the bleeding?
They are the result of water retention. This is the “weight” you’re going to lose. Plus, your magnesium level is lower than usual and your body desperately needs it to control the amount of liquid. And of course, when munching your favorite comfort food, you oil the wheels of fluid retention as well.

So, the most truthful answer to the question “do you lose weight when on your period?” is “no, you’re losing an excess of water”.

Change in eating habits

Everyone’s heard about PMS cravings but many women tend to lose their appetite during menstruation. The most common reasons for skipping a meal or eating less are fatigue, irritability, bloating, cramps, nausea, or upset stomach.

Lack of food is not good for your health, especially these days. There’s absolutely no need to serve big portions or cook habitual meals if you don’t feel like eating. You can bump your energy and reduce abdominal pain by eating a few nutritious products. Check this list of foods that help with period cramps.

Digestive issues

Bowel issues are among the reasons for weight gain and loss. Menstruation may be accompanied by a series of problems with your stomach: diarrhoea, constipation, gas, indigestion, nausea, or reflux. Together with sharp abdominal pain, they cause loss of interest in food, hence, weight is decreasing.

Although we cannot help you address digestive issues, we know how to deal with cramps. No pills needed! Try Livia period pain relief device – this small and cute gadget blocks pain signals to your brain in seconds! Easy to apply and manage, Livia can be autonomously used by a teen.

As you can see, there’s nothing harmful in small weight fluctuations. However, if every pound matters, the next part of the article is exactly what you need.

What to do during the period to lose weight?

First of all, no extreme dieting and starvation. Aunt Flo needs you to eat as much as your body requires. But how can you lose weight on your period when everything you crave is basically made of fat, sugar, or salt?

Period hunger can be unbearable. If you aim to keep a healthy diet and potentially lose a pound or two after your period is over, consider the following tips:

• eat smaller portions
• replace comfort food with healthy snacks
• exercise and walk
• stay hydrated
• get adequate quality sleep

One more tip: how to instantly manage period pain

We can’t pretend that period is like walking on a flower field. You feel miserable, your abdomen aches, and your lower back is in pain. It seems natural to soothe yourself with junk food or a painkiller! But don’t you rush – there’s something better to handle the cramps.

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