Drinks that help with period cramps: 5 tasty and healthy options

Are there any drinks that help with period cramps?

Proper nutrition is the key to a pain-free menstrual cycle. It doesn’t solve the problem alone but plays a crucial role in your well-being during a monthly visit of Aunt Flo. In this article, we’ll focus on 5 tasty drinks that help with period cramps.

Nutritionists recommend paying special attention to what you consume during these days: some drinks may only worsen the pain. Stay away from beverages with added sugar, alcohol, whole milk, and caffeine.

Can’t imagine your week without the “forbidden fruit” like a cup of coffee in the morning? Here are 5 awesome replacements for them!

Water is a universal solution to the pain

The importance of hydration has already been explained by thousands of studies. Well, we won’t add anything entirely new. Drinking still water will make digestion easier and prevent bloating – the main cause of cramps.

 As an alternative, try detox water – based on fruits or vegetables. Add a few slices of lemon, a few mint leaves, or even berries to make your day brighter. You deserve it during periods.

 Healthy green smoothies

What drinks help with cramps better than a refreshing and vitamin-rich glass of smoothie? It will give your body the necessary minerals and supplements from fruits and vegetables.

For boosting your immune system, choose the ingredients that are rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B. Bananas, blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, melon, kiwi, or mangoes – mix them as you like to create a delicious and pain-relieving snack. Don’t hesitate to add flax seeds and baby spinach to your cocktail. Cheers!

Herbal teas are among the best drinks that help with period cramps

Tea is a great alternative to OTC medicines. However, some of them contain as much caffeine as coffee. While you may need to put aside your jar with Earl Grey for better days, you can still enjoy some healthy infusions.

The list of herbal teas that are proven to be effective against menstrual pain is enormous. Here are 7 herbs so you can change them every day of the week:


  1. Chamomile;
  2. Ginger;
  3. Cinnamon;
  4. Peppermint;
  5. Raspberry leaf;
  6. Hibiscus;
  7. Thyme.

Grab yourself a hot tea and get comfy with a book. Check our selection of 5 Important Books About Menstruation. Who said that you should stick to sappy love stories these days?


Try turmeric milk

Also called “golden milk”, this beverage is among the top drinks that help with period cramps. Turmeric is a medicinal herb from India and Indonesia. Some researches show that it’s more effective in eliminating pain than aspirin and ibuprofen. So why not try this homeopathic way to deal with cramps?

 Turmeric milk is usually based on plant milks (cashew, coconut, almond, etc). Dairy products should be consumed in moderation during the menstrual cycle.


Switch to green tea

 If your craving for caffeine is unbearable, switch to green tea. It’s made from non-aged leaves and contains way less caffeine than habitual coffee or black tea. In Chinese medicine, it has been a part of treatment for generations.

What else can ease the menstrual pain?

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