How does chocolate help periods be less painful?

Giving in to food cravings during periods is not always recommended. There’s one exception, though. In this article, we delve into the question “How does chocolate help periods?” and explain why this product is the ultimate solution to your issues with Aunt Flo.

 Yes, you don’t have to swallow pain-killing pills and suffer the entire day on the couch with a bottle of hot water. Chocolate is the answer to all your worries – it’s a natural way to feel better during monthlies. And it’s delicious!

What food should I eat to ease period cramps?

The idea of surrounding yourself with comfort food is tempting. However, what we usually crave has relatively low nutrition value. Instead of chewing salty chips and popcorn the entire day, improve your diet with the following products:

 · Leafy greens (spinach, kale, or chard);

· Water-rich vegetables and fruits (watermelon or cucumber);

· Cold-water fish like salmon;

· Lean meat (chicken or red meat);

· Eggs;

· Nuts;

· Avocado.

Want more options? Check our selection of 6 Healthy Period Snacks to Get You Through Your PMS Cravings. And don’t forget to stock some chocolate!

How does chocolate help periods: 3 main benefits

You don’t excuses to treat yourself with a divine tidbit of chocolate. Even science justifies this temporary hankering. We know that chocolate has mood-boosting effects but can chocolate help with cramps? Absolutely! Loaded with magnesium, it relaxes uterus muscles and significantly reduces pain.

Here are 3 more miraculous benefits of chocolate.

It’s an excellent source of iron

Iron deficiency is normal during periods because your body loses it with blood. During the first days of each cycle, it’s important to change your eating plan and consume more products that are rich in iron. Chocolate will help you fight fatigue and feel comfortable throughout these tough days.

It uplifts your mood

One of the worst conditions during periods is bloating – when a belly feels full or tight. Sometimes, it’s accompanied by cramps, backache, and mood swings. The reason for it is hormonal changes: your body begins to retain water and salt. How does chocolate help periods to be a tiny bit more tolerable?

 It stimulates the production of so-called “happy chemicals”: serotonin and endorphins. As a result, we feel calmer and more satisfied.

It gives the necessary boost of energy

Periods can be pretty exhausting. Sometimes, you do nothing but feel totally knackered all the time. Well, a lot going on inside your body. Chocolate can be your best buddy in the fight against menstrual fatigue. It contains caffeine and other stimulants and is less harmful than coffee.

Which chocolate is best for periods?

Is chocolate good for period cramps? Yes, but not all types of chocolate will be the same effective. Doctors advise giving preference to dark chocolate – 70% of cocoa and more. It has less sugar, fewer calories, and more healthy micro-nutrients. Check nutrition information on the package before buying.

How exactly does dark chocolate help with cramps? 1 ounce of 70% chocolate contains 15% of the daily value of magnesium and 56% daily value of copper. Studies show that these elements are highly effective in easing menstrual pain.

What are some other pain relief methods?

Of course, chocolate alone won’t manage all unpleasant conditions. If you feel like trying a drug-free method of dealing with intense pain, get yourself a cute period pain relief device. The machine is certified in the EU, the USA, and Canada.

 You can also try yoga, light exercises, massages, or apply a bottle of hot water to your lower abdomen (if it’s too painful to move).

Conclusion: is chocolate actually good for the menstrual cycle?

Chocolate is among the products that can help you with period cramps and throbbing pain. It’s a natural antioxidant full of nutrients that can positively affect your health and well-being. Greet Aunt Flo with a few pieces of dark chocolate and use other methods to ease period pain.