Handling Aunt Flo: how to stop period pain immediately


Menstrual spasms barely a surprise but their intensity always hits badly. Every fifth girl finds her period to be disturbing and 10% of women have to limit all activities during the first days of their cycle. When it gets really bad, the only question that matters is how to stop period pain immediately?

 The good news is that there’s a magic pill. It’s called a painkiller. However, if you prefer a less chemical approach, here are a few recommendations you may follow.

Try some yoga practices and mild exercises

Exercising during periods sounds like a nightmare, right? But the thing is – it can actually help! Physical activity regulates digestion and reduces the quantity of prostaglandins. These compounds are responsible for the ugly sensations we experience during the cycle.

So if you need to stop period pain immediately, get up from the couch and start moving. You don’t need to hit the gym but light activities, like stretching or aerobic exercises can thwart the hormones from creating chaos inside your uterus.

Curb your symptoms with a heating pad

If medication is not an option, make the nasty cramps go away by applying heat to your belly. Since the uterus is a muscle, warmth will relax it and ease the unpleasant sensations. Some studies prove that heating patches (or a bottle with hot water) are almost the same effective as taking ibuprofen.

Looking for the best answer to how to reduce menstrual pain instantly? Take a long relaxing bath or shower – the warm water will bring down the tension and lower spasms.

Learn how to stop period pain immediately by improving your diet

Dietary changes may alleviate the cramps. Despite the strong desire to surround yourself with boxes of pizza and buckets of ice cream, a balanced diet is what you really need. Start by cutting the consumption of comfort food and switching to healthier options: omega-3, low-fat products, vegetarian dishes, and food rich in fiber.

Switch off your spasms with a tiny machine

Are you a technophile? Scientists worked hard to give you and all other women My Livia Kit for Instant Menstrual Pain Relief. This is a life-changing device that will allow you to enjoy every day and stop rearranging your schedule in order to hang out with Aunt Flo.

My Livia is a simple and cute tool that knows how to stop period pain immediately: just stick two pads to your belly and press the button. The machine will send light electric impulses and relax your muscles right away.

Certified in the US, Canada, and the EU, Mylivia can become a universal solution that will make the lives of women across the globe more joyful. So, stop dreaming about the new iPhone. Maybe it’s time to think about your well-being and treat yourself with My Livia period pain relief device?

Stock up on magnesium

Don’t underestimate the power of minerals. Sometimes, they work better than a handful of medications. For example, the work of our nervous system and heart depend on magnesium. Moreover, it’s a great muscle relaxant. Sounds like exactly what you need to stop your uterus from contracting.

Since our bodies cannot produce magnesium, be sure to get it from food. The following products can be your natural source of this irreplaceable element:

· Fish (salmon, sardines, pollack, mackerel);

· Vegetables (potatoes with skin, black-eyed peas, chickpeas);

· Nuts (edamame, almond, cashew);

· Greens (chard, kale).

Chewing almonds won’t bring instant menstrual pain relief but it can prevent spasms – switch to healthy products a few days before Red Witch comes to visit and you’ll notice the difference.