How do I treat a lower back ache when on period?

Bloating, fatigue and throbbing pain in the lower abdomen are among the most known companions of Aunt Flo. According to surveys, every second woman also suffers from a back ache when on period. Such an “assortment” of symptoms can interfere with habitual daily activities and cause multiple inconveniences. Is there any way to tame these beasts? Let’s find out!

 Just like any other discomfort around the sensitive area, menstrual back ache is muscular in nature. In most cases, it’s mild or moderate, doesn’t usually last for more than 2 days, and can be easily treated at home.

Some habits that worsen the lower back pain

Women’s health experts agree that lifestyle choices have a huge impact on the severity of pain during the period. For example, certain products can cause hormonal imbalances. Stress level, quality of sleep, and over-exercising make your body release more prostaglandins (chemicals that make muscles contract more, hence, increasing the pain).

 The following habits are the reasons you experience an intense back ache when on period:

 too much caffeine

  • eating salty food
  • not drinking enough water during the day
  • smoking
  • consuming alcohol

 High-protein, low-sugar diet can be your salvation against painful sensations. There are so many healthy and tasty options to choose between: salmon, eggs, poultry, seafood, natural Greek yoghurt, etc. Replace your usual snacks with low-carb versions – almonds, sunflower seeds, or string cheese. For better results, improve your nutrition by adding supplements and vitamins.

 Home remedies

Treating a lower back ache at home doesn’t differ much from managing cramps. After all, this is the same type of muscular pain. If swallowing pills is out of the question, there are about a dozen of other things you can do (alone or with the help of a partner/parent):


  • Apply heat. It can be a warm shower or a more localised solution, like a heating pad or bottle of water.
  • Do back massage. Gently rubbing the aching area with warm hands can relieve the pain.
  • Light activity as walking, stretching, Pilates, or yoga help your blood circulation and release endorphins.
  • Get enough sleep. Consider sleeping or resting curled up because it reduces muscle contractions.


If a back ache has to be dealt with quickly, consider trying Livia menstrual pain reliever. This cutie literally switches off all unpleasant sensations so you can start enjoying your life even during the crimson tide.


Instant relief from back ache when on period

Getting rid of period pain in less than a minute sounds like a dream. Yet, this is exactly what Livia creators promise. There’s no magic behind the device, only science.

 Place the flower pads on the area where it hurts and press a power button. The device sends electric micro-impulse, which reaches the brain before any painful sensation from your back. Since our brain cannot focus on two forms of pain at the same time, it “forgets” about muscular contractions. My Livia has 16 intensity levels, which allows you to control the strength of the impulse.

 Apart from proven efficacy, the gadgetry is tiny, lightweight, and invisible under clothes. No one has to know what you’re going through at this moment, which may be especially important for teens and young girls. The only downside: you’ll have no more excuses to stay in bed all day because of your back ache when on period.


2-in-1 solution: tame your cramps and back pain with Livia


Even mild pain in the abdomen can be irritating. You can keep trying different methods to deal with it – from herbal teas to meditation. Or, you can switch off your cramps and back pain at the touch of a button. The Livia machine will make you forget about all the above-mentioned home remedies and enjoy your life even during the first day of bleeding.


The device has a 2-year warranty and comes with additional items – a cover case and 3 month's supply of Livia gel pads. It’s suitable for both abdominal and back areas and brings pain levels down almost instantly, allowing you to function all day without any discomfort.