How to help your girlfriend with period cramps: 6 tips to comfort her

Mood swings, terrible backache, bloating, and continuous throbbing pain in the abdomen – as a man, you are lucky you never got to meet Aunt Flo. Are you worried about your partner’s well-being during these days? Well, you can’t change nature but you can learn how to help your girlfriend with period cramps and earn a badge of a Super Boyfriend.

 Helping your partner through her menstrual cycle will deepen and strengthen your relationship. For centuries, men were taught to ignore suffering and agonising women, so you’ll make a grand gesture when trying to comfort her.

 These 6 tips will help you make things easier for your loved one.

Be flexible and attentive

The main thing every man should know about periods is that hormones go crazy and make your woman totally irrational. She may act unusually, overreact, or cry about stupid things – just be there for her in every situation and don’t judge.

Cuddle her if she needs comfort. Give her space if she wants to stay alone. Listen to her requests and answer all questions with patience. Fluctuating hormones can lead to unpredictable reactions. So stay calm no matter what!

Make sure she drinks enough liquid

Feeling absolutely helpless and keep asking yourself “how to help my gf with cramps”? Here’s a simple thing you can do! Track her daily water intake during these days because she may forget about proper hydration.

 8-9 glasses of still water every day are a must. Sugar-free lemonades, fresh juices, and coconut water can quickly remove all waste from her system and relieve the pain.

Another great tip: show your utmost love and care by making hot turmeric milk for your suffering girlfriend.


How to help your girlfriend with period cramps with a massage

Her body is stressed and needs relaxation. You don’t have to book the whole spa treatment – your warm hands, essential oils, and soft music can do the trick.

Make sure to avoid sensitive areas. You can gently rub your girlfriend’s feet, hands, or lower back  or just ask her what she would like.

Prepare for her food cravings

Periods drain a lot of energy from women so their cravings for sugar and saturated fat are quite reasonable. You may wonder how to help your girlfriend with period cramps without feeding her junk and unhealthy food. We have a solution!

 Here’s a list of yummy combos you can offer:

 energy bars;

  • trail mix;
  • whole-grain crackers with sauce;
  • apple slices with peanut butter or honey;
  • yoghurt with fresh berries and chocolate chips;
  • dark chocolate.

Offer her a pain relief device

A truly mature and manly thing to do is to give your girlfriend a portable machine that can decrease her menstrual cramps. Modern technology has finally designed a device to address those unbearable throbs of pain. Seems like a great investment in the health and well-being of your sweetheart!

Livia Period Pain Relief Machine is an FDA-approved and drug-free method of dealing with an intense and dull ache in the abdomen. Besides, it’s lightweight, easy to use, and has a cute design. Your girlfriend will surely appreciate the gift and thank you once her period is over.

 Ask her what you can do

Instead of assuming “what can I do to help my girlfriend with period pain”, just ask her. You may spend hours trying to read her mind but only SHE knows the answer. If your girlfriend is too weak or tired to think, gently make some suggestions. Check our article Period Pain Relief Tips – 10 Ways to Keep the Pain at Bay to get some ideas of what can be done.