How To Make Your Daughter First-Period Celebration Unforgettable

We are used to celebrating certain milestones in our lives: graduation, anniversary, or birthday. Why not throw a party when your tween transits into womanhood? Your daughter first-period celebration – what can sound more fun?

Celebrating first menstruation is no longer strange, it has already turned into a global trend. Pinterest is full of period celebration ideas, DIY uterus and pads confetti can be found on Etsy, and red-themed parties took TikTok by storm. You don’t have to share this moment with the whole world but make sure your daughter feels special on her big day.

First-period party is also a simple way to introduce your tween to healthy nutrition during these days. Replace crisps, candies, and cupcakes with other delicious options. Get some ideas from our article 6 Healthy Period Snacks to Get You Through Your PMS Cravings. But don’t forget: it’s still a festive occasion, so having a cake is a must!

A private or crowded event? Let your child decide

 Although the first day of menstruation has been largely celebrated by many tribes in Brazil, North America, India, and Fiji, it’s hard to trace the modern origins of this tradition. In general, it’s a nice way to cheer up your daughter (because we all know how dreadful first periods can be) or show her that menstruation is not something to be ashamed of.

When deciding what type of celebration you want to organize, consider your tween’s preferences. Some girls prefer a simple family get-together, others invite their friends over for a huge party! In any case, show your child that this day marks a momentous event in her life.

Getting ready for your daughter first-period celebration: gifts and rituals

The celebration doesn’t always mean a party. Getting your daughter a cute kit with pads, a menstrual cup, or Livia menstrual pain relief would be a meaningful gesture too. Bonus tip: an envelope entitled “a letter to my daughter on her first period” will create a special bond between you and your tween.

The celebration can be as gaudy and extravagant as your sense of humor allows it to be. Uterus-shaped cakes, chamomile tea with a cheesy romance movie, educating games and activities for young girls – it’s up to you! As for any special occasion, make sure your child gets a gift.

What to get your daughter for her first period? Here are a few suggestions:

  • a microwavable heating pad;
  • a cosmetic bag with period essentials;
  • a menstrual cycle tracker/journal;
  • a book about puberty;
  • any non-period gift.

Some stories to keep you inspired

This story of Brooke Lee blew up the Internet in 2017 when her aunt posted a tweet with a cake reading “Congrats on your period”. Back then, it was a bold move to make! Instead of laughing and stigmatizing the family, users massively supported the grand celebration with kind jokes and positive comments.

Period party organized by a father: Bert Kreischer’s story

Not only moms can be cool when it comes to menstruation. The younger daughter of American comedian Bert Kreischer asked him to buy supplies for her period party. The excited father raved about these preparations on a TV show: how he had to buy red velvet cake and icing, pomegranate juice, and ketchup for fries. In the end, he encouraged all fathers to participate in such activities.