How to stop period back pain from period: 5 drug-free methods

Day 1 of your cycle: mood swings, bloating, intense cramps and backache, acne, digestive issues. Do these symptoms sum it up quite right? Sadly, there’s no universal remedy to deal with all culprits at once but you can address each issue individually. In this article, we’ll discuss how to stop period back pain from period.

 We aren’t going to reinvent the wheel but can share some working and drug-free options to make you feel better. Ready to get rid of this awful back pain that visits you every month? Keep reading!

Make regular exercising your new normal

Looking for excuses to skip your usual workout or jogging? There are none anymore! Studies have proved that regular physical activity can reduce lower back pain and discomfort. Aim for at least 30 minutes of light exercises three times per week and you’ll notice the result during your next monthlies.

 You don’t need to run marathons to feel better during periods. Light cardio or even daily chores will make a huge difference and improve your well-being.

 You can choose one of the following activities:

 · cycling;

· speed walking;

· swimming;

· riding a bike;

· dusting or vacuuming;

· cooking;

· gardening.

When Aunt Flo arrives, consider switching to low-intensity aerobics – dancing, stretching, yoga.

Apply heat to the problematic area

The benefits of regular exercising are visible in the long run but how to stop period back pain from period if it’s tormenting you right now? Your good friend heat can help you here.

 Warmth expands blood vessels and improves circulation. 15-20 minutes with a heating pad or a bottle of water will provide a calming effect. If you feel like taking a warm relaxing shower, don’t deprive yourself of this pleasure.

How to stop period back pain from period with modern devices

Living in the 21st century, you’ll hardly be surprised to learn about innovative ways to make your menstrual cycle more comfortable. Our ancestors were using ginger tea, herbs, and even dry cupping to mitigate the period pain but we are lucky to have ultra-modern solutions.

You may stop searching for how to stop painful period cramps after trying a portable period pain reliever. Recommended by gynecologists and leading women’s health experts, Livia’s technology is approved by FDA, CE, and Health Canada.

Try relaxation techniques

Any pain is triggered by our central nervous system. So what you actually need to eliminate the pain is to soothe your nerves. Try mediation or simple relaxation practices. They are proven to be effective in redirecting a person’s attention and helping to focus on something more pleasant than constant backache.

 How to help back pain from period with relaxation techniques? Here are three science-backed practices to escape to your happy place:

1. Diaphragmatic (deep) breathing.

2. Guided imagery.

3. Progressive muscle relaxation.

Maintain a healthy diet and drink enough water

It’s so easy to give in to food cravings during periods but what your body actually needs is a boost of vitamins. And plenty of water. Avoid sugar, salty products, and caffeine, and make necessary changes in your eating plan for the upcoming week (add iron-rich food, fruits, and nuts).

Don’t neglect your nutrition these days! You can find more about the influence of your menstrual cycle on your diet in our recent article.

Final thoughts on dealing with backache during menstruation

The best way to greet Aunt Flo is to be prepared. Now, you know 5 more methods to deal with your lower back pain during periods – from meditation to innovative tech miracles. Be sure to try them all and see what works for you!