Livia period pain + relief device: a modern method to deal with spasms


Wouldn’t it be nice to tame the menstrual spasms with one click? It may sound like a sci-fi script until you realise that such a thing is more than possible. With the help of the Livia period pain + relief device, the cramps in your abdomen will never have a chance to ruin your plans.

The best thing about this fem-tech tool for blocking painful sensations is that you can finally forget about pills (if you take any) and keep enjoying life. Exercising and attending parties instead of curling up in bed and wincing at every new spasm – isn’t that what we’ve been dreaming of?

Let’s find out more about this wonder-working Livia pain relief + device!

Why you should try Livia pain-canceling machine?

When it comes to modern inventions, we tend to be quite cautious and skeptical and test the waters before spending money. Why should you trust the promises this time?

First of all, the Livia period pain + relief device has got marvelous reviews from gynecologists, women’s health advisors, and reputable magazines like Glamour, Marie Claire, and Cosmo.

Second, the clinical trials that monitored the use of My Livia + UK during 4 cycles showed 87% of efficacy. Almost 60% of women reported complete pain relief, while one-third reported a significant reduction of spasms and the ability to get back to normal life.

And third, the device comes with a money-back guarantee. You don’t risk anything when placing an order.

How the Livia period pain + relief device works

The secret behind the miraculous work of the SmartWave technology is hidden in a 70-pages patent. You probably don’t have time to go into details, so here’s a very short summary.

The device sends small electrical pulses to your abdominal muscle, which feel like light vibrations. By stimulating the nerves in this area, the Livia period + cramps relief machine blocks the pain messages coming from the contracting uterus. Since the brain receives the signal from Livia first, it “forgets” to process the unpleasant sensations. As a result, you feel pretty normal as on any other ordinary day.

Pros of using Livia kit

Highly recommended by experts and generously praised by customers, Livia period pain + relief device is an irreplaceable companion during every cycle. Here are some benefits:

 · approvals of the F.D.A., C.E., and Health Canada;

· proven in clinical trials;

· easy to use;

· compact and portable;

· immediate result (30-60 seconds);

· drug-free solution for spasms;

· cute design.

How to use the pain-canceling machine?

You don’t have to be a tech expert to connect your belly to MyLivia + UK. Just apply the cute gel patches to your abdomen and press the button. The device will start working right away!

An in-built battery can be charged via USB cable (comes with every kit), which allows you to enjoy the machine for many happy years without cramps. The box also includes 6 gel patches. Make sure to replace your Livia gel pads before every cycle.

Below, you can find the detailed video instructions on how to change the patches and make them “stuck” to your belly.

Is Livia effective? The reviews of customers

Since the intensity of spasm and their longevity is not the same, the effect produced by the Livia menstrual pain + device will be different for everyone. It’s hard to predict the outcome but you can read Livia reviews written by real users on TrustPilot, Amazon, and Facebook. Thousands of women of all ages have noticed an incredible improvement and are now able to live without the fear of spasms.