The Perfect Device for Period Pain Relief

Which device can I use for period pain relief?

For women worldwide, period pain is the mother of all pain, second to that of childbirth. As much as we wish we could stay in bed all day and wait for the pain to subside, that is not an option for most of us who have families to care for and jobs.

There are many medicinal and homemade remedies that you can use. Unfortunately, many of them require staying at home, so what can you do to relieve the pain if that is not an option for you? You can use a device for period pain relief like Livia, Monthli, Ova+, or Ovira. 

Top four devices used for period pain

There are quite a few devices you can use to relieve period pains; these devices are drug-free, provide immediate pain relief with the click of a button, and stimulate your nerves to block the pain. For this article, we will discuss Livia, Monthli, Ova+, and Ovira. We will dive into how it works, costs, side effects, safety, and medicinal alternatives.

Although each device is uniquely designed, they help relieve the stress of traveling while on your period, making it easier for you to carry on with your daily routine. These devices either make use of SmartWaves or TENS technology.

SmartWaves is a pain-blocking technology that uses a micro-pulse to occupy your central nervous system. By doing this, your body does not receive the signal for period pains. Our bodies are designed to protect us against pain using beta-endorphins, and with the micro-pulse released by the device, these endorphins are stimulated to suppress the pain further.

TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), also known as TNS, uses electric currents to stimulate the nerves to provide instant pain relief

How does the Livia device for period pains work?

To use Livia, you have to attach the device to your waistband then attach the electrode pads to your abdomen or lower back. When the device is connected, switch it on and let it do the work. You can wear the device under your clothes, making it discreet and easy to use. Livia makes use of SmartWaves.

How does the Monthli device for period pains work? 

Unlike Livia, the Monthli device uses TENS technology, which allows the device to provide instant pain relief.  You can attach the device directly to your abdomen using the included electrode gel pads for pain relief.   

How do the Ova+ and Ovira devices for period pains work?

Ova+ (TensCare Ova Plus) and Ovira also use TENS Technology to relieve period pains. The device works the same as the Livia device, as you can attach it to your waistband and attach the electrode pads to your abdomen or lower back. 

Device for period pains relief safety and side effects

Out of all four devices, Livia is the only FDA, and Certified Europe (CE) approved product used to assist with menstrual pain relief. It has also been clinically tested to deliver effective and safe relief of period pains. The only people who aren’t allowed to use the device are those who are undergoing fertility treatments or individuals with pacemakers. 

TENS Technology has been used for years and has provided pain relief for women all over the world. However, it has never been approved by the FDA for period pains specifically. It has, however, been approved for general pain relief. 

None of these devices causes any side effects, unlike drinking pain medication throughout the day, which can cause drowsiness, addiction, liver problems, or stomach irritation. These devices are easy to use without professional assistance, it is rechargeable, discreet, and wearable. 

Livia offers a more prolonged guarantee and a two-year warranty, which means that it will last longer as you won’t have to replace it as often as the other three devices. Livia also comes with a variety of colors, which makes it more appealing. 

Other methods for period pain relief (period pain relief tips)

Besides the devices mentioned above, there are other period pain relief tips you can use. Most women go for home remedies, like warm baths, using a warm water bottle, gentle exercise like yoga stretches, or simply wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Alternatively, you can see a doctor and get medication like pain killers or other medicines for period pains. You can also use traditional methods like essential oils, castor oil packs, magnesium like oil sprays, or Epsom salt baths.


Even though traditional methods and medication can work, it takes time to kick in, and in most cases, you will be in bed for one or two days. However, using the devices for period pain relief works faster and allows you to move around (travel) and carry on with your daily routine. The Livia device is clearly superior and the best option in the long term for immediate relief.