What foods help with period cramps: 6 superfoods to soothe your pain

There’s no need to mention that period pain causes discomfort and affects the daily life of millions of women. Throughout history, there have been plenty of attempts to tame it – by using traditional herbal medicines and modern devices. However, there is no better remedy than healthy nutrition. And we are here to tell you what foods help with period cramps.

Managing pain with food

During one menstrual cycle, estrogen levels constantly go up and drop. Pretty bumpy ride for the body, huh? The pain is usually the worse when these levels are at the highest (since they thicken the uterus). To begin with, reduce the number of products that may lead to estrogen level growth:


  • animal products;
  • salad dressings;
  • processed food;
  • refined grains;
  • fatty foods (chips, doughnuts, French fries, etc).


If you use a period calculator, make sure to change your diet a few days before menstruation. And here’s our selection of the best foods for cramps.

Oily fish

To tame inflammation, consume more products rich in Omega-3. Oily fish is the best option! It also contains such crucial minerals and vitamins as iodine, selenium, lean protein, and vitamins A and D.

Rainbow trout, sardines, sprats, herring, or even tuna – there are so many ways to enrich your nutrition and improve your health.


Yes, eggs are not ice-cream but they are full of beneficial nutrients that are highly effective in dealing with period cramps. Vitamins A, B6, D, and E will work wonders to reduce your pain and make period acne disappear. Moreover, eggs contain a lot of protein that can suppress increased appetite.

Greek yogurt

Starting your morning with a yogurt-based breakfast will reduce your cramps by 40%. During the day, you can add some fruits and berries to a pot of Greek yogurt to make natural snacks to eat on your period.

Do find yourself craving only junk food? Check these 6 Healthy Period Snacks to Get You Through Your PMS Cravingswe share the best period comfort food that has no sugar or saturated fatty acids.

What foods help with period cramps if you’re a vegetarian?

Meat, fish, and eggs are not the only source of iron and Omega-3. Vegetarians have plenty of tasty options to make their cramps less intense. If you are looking for how to reduce menstrual pain instantly without cooking, try the Livia pain-relieving machine. Its compact and cute design will add to positive vibes.

And here’s our pick of good foods to eat on your period and satisfy your palate.


What foods help with period cramps and can be found in every supermarket all year round? Good old beet! This vegetable is great for dealing with bloating and water retention. In addition, there are so many gourmet ways to cook beetroot – as a part of a smoothie or a salad’s ingredient or solo with a French vinaigrette.


This tiny green fruit has one amazing feature: it helps your body to absorb iron. As you may know, you lose lots of precious iron with your blood every month. And it’s your task to restore the balance by adding products like kiwi.


Tofu is dairy-free, which is great for vegans and lactose-intolerant people. Despite being made of soybeans, it contains an enormous load of calcium and protein. Tofu can be baked, grilled, marinated, or added to smoothies, salads and sandwiches. With a huge variety of recipes, your periods will pass quickly and deliciously.