What not to eat on your period: 5 all-time favorites to stay away from


Find yourself reaching for a pill whenever Aunt Flo is in town? Did you know that it’s possible to deal with all unpleasant symptoms by changing your diet? Yes, you need to be especially strong these days and say “no” to several treats if you want to feel better. Here are some examples of what not to eat on your period. Beware, you might not like what you read!

Chocolate ice cream

The idea of curling up on the sofa with Netflix and a bucket of ice cream sounds alluring. But such a pastime may actually worsen your cramps. Ice cream is full of sugar and fats, which are not good for your health and skin.

Instead: treat yourself with dark chocolate. Want to know more about this miraculous product? Take a few pieces of your favorite chocolate bar and check our article How does chocolate help periods be less painful.

Processed food and takeaways

Pizzas, tacos, creamy Indian curry, ribs with sauce, and burgers are among the kinds of food not to eat on your period. These dishes may be insanely delicious but contain too much salt and sugar that can negatively affect the work of your digestive system and intensify the cramps.

French fries and crisps

Deep-fried and salty food may temporarily boost your mood but, in the long run, they won’t do you any good. If you feel tempted by the call of Walkers or Pringles, prepare healthy period snacks in advance. Here are some yummy options:


  • apple slices with honey/peanut butter;
  • mango cubes;
  • Greek yoghurt with blueberries;
  • popcorn;
  • a small bowl of nuts.

What not to eat on your period: 2 food staples to avoid

In general, women’s health advisors recommend cutting all junk food during menstruation. But sticking to your usual dietary habits (even if you eat healthily) may not also be good when your uterus is on riot. Here is what you should be cautious about.

White rice

You may not expect to see this product on the list of “what not to eat on your period”. So what can be wrong with good old rice? White rice is considered to be “empty” since all nutrients were removed with bran and germ. Luckily for you, the modern world is full of options: brown, red, and even black rice that have more antioxidants and proteins.

 All milk products

Diary can be the reason for bloating, acne, heavy bleeding, and diarrhea. Not what you fancy on your periods, right? For your own benefit, skip eating cheese and pouring whole milk into your cereals for a while. Instead, choose plant-based milk and natural yoghurts to survive your craving for milk products.

What are some other options to soothe pain during periods? 

Modern technology knows how to get rid of period cramps fast without pills. You can join the community of happy women who live without spasms by buying a Livia kit.

Other time-tested options include a heating pad, mild exercises, and meditation. Our bodies are unique so we recommend going for every method to see how you can tame the beast.