When should I talk to my daughter about periods: finding the right moment

As a parent, you share the challenges of growing old with your child every step of the way. Seeing your beautiful baby girl turning into a young woman, you may wonder “when should I talk to my daughter about periods?”. Well, here’s what we are going to discuss today.

First menstruation is a life-changing moment for every tween. Lots of new (and scary!) processes are taking place inside her body, and the girl needs a caring person she trusts to guide her through this delicate period.

Let’s learn how you can be that person for her!

Getting ready for a period-talk

Life would be much easier if we were given clear instructions “How to talk to my daughter about her period”, right? Unfortunately, there’s no general rule or strategy. What is common, though, is forming a special bond between mother and daughter before having the conversation.


An open talk about periods may be awkward for both you and your child. Start with yourself: revise your knowledge about menstruation, read books and blogs, and reach out to other parents for ideas. Stay one step ahead: the earlier you begin planning your discussion, the better.

Here’s what can be useful:

  • Encourage the conversation by asking your daughter what she knows about puberty
  • Share your experience
  • Don’t act disgusted or ashamed of the subject
  • Never brush off the questions, even if they seem silly (they are not silly to her)
  • Get ready to dispel the myths about the subject
  • Consider several forms of communication, such as text messages


Here’s a smart approach to introducing the subject: watch a movie that covers the issue! We’ve got a great selection for you – check out 5 Times Movies and Television Got a Period Scene Right.

When should I talk to my daughter about periods: obvious signs

Puberty isn’t scheduled. Every person blooms in his own time. Menstruation can begin as early as the age of 8. For late bloomers, it starts around 15-16. As a result, there’s no “right” or “universal” age to start these conversations.


Being a parent, you have the pleasure of interacting with your child every day. Take advantage of it and answer any questions about bodily changes appropriately. Pay attention to a drastic change in height or breast development. It’s never too early to begin shaping her mind about menstruation. When her first period arrives, a girl should not be shocked or scared.


Main advice: don’t turn it into a formal sit-down talk


What can be more terrifying than the phrase “Come here, we need to chat”? Traumatizing your child with a sudden bunch of new information is a very bad idea. Plan a series of conversations instead of a single tell-all lecture. Suggest a book or a blog if she doesn’t feel like opening up to you.


However, the main thing is to reassure the child that she is free to discuss menstruation issues with you. Remember that it’s you who should be the trusted source, not friends and the Internet.

Dealing with discomfort and pain

Menstruation comes with a wide array of new sensations – both physical and psychological. From mood swings and acne to acute pain and bloating, you never know how it’s going to be for your daughter. Teaching her to deal with these things is also your task.

Looking for ways to help your daughter through her first period? First, be there for her with a dark-chocolate bar, a cozy throw, and a comforting movie.

Also, a cute and stylish period pain relief device can be a thoughtful gift for a young lady who enters her adulthood phase. Livia is tiny, which makes it invisible under clothes. And of course, it deals with painful sensations without disrupting a girl’s normal life. Her little secret stays safe!