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    2 products
    Livia Flower Pads - My Livia UK
    Livia Flower Pads
    Livia Gel Pads 6 Months Supply - My Livia UK
    Livia Gel Pads 6 Months Supply

    Livia Accessories

    We offer stylish accessories designed by our designers to look flawless, comfortable and protect your device from damage. Our designers have specially developed several fashionable covers in different colours so you can match the colour of your outfit with your Livia Device cover and always look trendy.

    About My Livia Period Pain Relief Device

    Livia's device for menstrual cramps relief seems capable of making life a little easier. The gadget is attached to the body and, by means of two electrodes acting on the nerves, it blocks pain. Livia period pain relief device sends its own signals to the nerves, which occupy to the point that they can no longer process the pain, and it remains insensible.

    You can adjust the power of Livia's electrical impulses by pressing the +- buttons on the device.

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