Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about My Livia device for period pain relief.


The technology behind Livia is based on the “Gate Control Theory” and works by transmitting a very unique pulse to keep the nerves “busy.” When the nerves are stimulated, the nerve gate is closed, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain and being felt

Nope! Livia exists to provide drug-free relief from menstrual pains. It relies on nerve stimulation to remove the need for painkillers.

Your Livia package includes the device, your choice of 4 colorful classic covers, a USB charging cable, a protective travel case, a set of Livia flower pads, and a 3-month supply of Livia gel pads. You’re good to go for months!

Absolutely! Livia can eliminate strong menstrual pains and provides significant relief, even in the most severe cases.

Yes. Livia is safe and relevant for women of all ages who suffer from menstrual pains.

Once Livia is on, you’ll start to feel relief within 30-60 seconds!

You bet! In fact, Livia was specifically designed to offer discreet relief while being undetectable under any outfit.

Ahhh-mazing! It’s been described as “a feeling of gentle vibrations.”

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